Data Management for Manufacturing Business

experience the benefits of data room usage in m&a deals

With pressure on manufacturing businesses to maximize productivity, profitability, and innovation in a global epidemic – ensuring that data assets are secure and easily accessible is one of the most important initiatives for companies to tackle. In this session hear from Michael Watson from Microsoft and Martin Boyd of Profisee for specific steps you can take to put the foundation of trust for data in place to ensure agility, effectiveness and success.

To successfully transform manufacturing into more efficient and digital enterprise, it needs to embrace and harness data – but how can you do this if your data is inconsistent, insufficient or not complete? A successful strategy for manufacturing data must be based on solid governance. This will ensure that the information is collected, stored and access is made in a timely manner.

The top performers in the manufacturing industry are increasingly adopting a holistic data management approach, which includes implementing an MDM hub to consolidate all critical information such as customer, vendor and product information into a single repository. This allows teams to easily access the information they require and helps them to collaborate.

This also lets manufacturers create a digital record of what happens to parts during production that is crucial for fixing production issues and optimizing tests and processes. It enables you to identify the issues that occurred on a machine during a specific run and why, which helps you to act faster in a crisis and become more resilient as an enterprise.

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