How to Get onboard With a Board Portal

About Board Portal

A major function of a board portal is to make information available anytime and to ensure that it is easy for directors to understand what they are studying. Find products that let board members perform their duties or attend meetings wherever they have an internet-connected device. Take note of the devices your directors use for their day-to-day activities, and consider how easy it is to get up and running on these devices.

The process of integrating a new system requires more than just the right features – ease of use is a major factor in whether or not the portal will be https://boardabout.com/how-do-nonprofits-fundraise-most-effective-ways/ embraced and used. Consider asking potential providers about their onboarding process which includes one-on-1 technology training tailored to the level of comfort of directors and board members. Also, check to see if they offer an on and off-line app for working with board materials even without wifi.

The right tools can help your board operate efficiently and stay in control of your company, ensuring that governance best practices are observed. As compared to paper and email, board portals provide the most efficient method of conducting business and can be relied on as the single source of truth for all information. They are able to maintain and enhance the foundations of good governance, for example, the schedule of meetings and attendance, and creating a central repository for documents and notes.

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